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Major Newspaper Fleet Solution

Major Newspaper Fleet Solution

The Challenge

The major New England newspaper company needed to find a fleet management company that could offer them a lease with less risk and uncertainty than is found with a normal open-end lease. Additionally, they wanted predictable low costs, regardless that the fleet was comprised of both high and low mileage vehicles. As part of the need for fleet management services, the request for a low deductible insurance solution with most of the vehicles garaged in a major metropolitan city was a particularly difficult challenge.

The Merchants Solution

We were able to provide the major newspaper company with a solution to fit all of their needs, including a closed-end lease to reduce their risk and to keep their costs predictable. Fleet management services included to provide a total fleet solution included full maintenance with 4 tires, complete title and license servicesinsurance with a low deductible, fuel management, and roadside assistance. Additionally, the lease term was built based on both time and mileage restrictions based on whichever came first - 70,000 miles or 48 months, which allowed the company to better manage both the high and low mileage vehicles.

The Results

We were able to provide a unique fleet management solution to fit the company's needs, exactly as the client requested, something that most other fleet management partners could not arrange. The client has been successful at controlling their costs and will continue to do so as they renew vehicles at lease end. 

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